Do authors brings their books for selling/signing or is there a way to have them shipped?
Books will be sold for published authors. For self-published and indie authors, you will be responsible for bringing or shipping your books to the hotel. The hotel will not accept packages for the event until 3 days out from the event date of February 5 so do not send packages to arrive earlier than the February 5th date.  Also, please make sure your items are properly labeled with the event date and name of event.

Do authors need to bring coverings for their signing tables?
No, unless you have a special covering to promote your brand.

Will you have a bookseller?
Yes. If you are published we will sell your books on-site.

Swag Bags Items
Please ship or deliver your items to the hotel. Please make sure boxes are clearly labeled as “swag” and include the form that identifies your items, who it is from and the amount included.  Please try to send enough items for 100 swag bags.

If you are donating to the raffle, please complete and submit raffle form to  so we can acknowledge you on the website and at the event. Since we numerous emails for this event, please make sure you include “Raffle” in the subject line of your email.  Also, please be sure to include a copy of your form with your item delivered to the hotel.